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Morganville Flower Farm is a local plant nursery that features an extensive selection of unique plants, many of which are grown on our farm. Seasonal selections include annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetable plants (try our new BIG OTM organic veggies & herbs), shrubs, roses, vines, fruit plants, native plants and tropicals. A wide variety of pots, soils, and plant fertilizers are stocked. Our staff looks forward to helping you have a fun time gardening.

Morganville Grown
Most herbs, vegetable plants, Proven WinnersTM flowers, annuals, perennials, roses and hanging baskets are grown right here at Morganville Flower Farm. In addition, many flower plants are grown by the students at Collier High School.

Morganville Plant Facts
This year we will transplant over 150,000 plants one at a time by hand. We grow our plants using a soil with natural occuring organisms which produce a healthier plant. Many of our flower plants are grown by the students of Collier High School. We start some perennials a year ahead so they are ready for you to plant. Please return your empty plant trays. We can reuse them as long as they are unbroken. Sorry we can’t reuse pots as they must be sterilized.

Free Morganville Extras

  • Garden idea plans and informational brochures
  • Loading of all your purchases in your vehicle (when requested)
  • Expert advice on any plant we sell

Bonus Bucks
Receive one Bonus Buck for every $10 you purchase from April 1st through May 31st.
Beginning June 10th you can use the bucks just like cash for any purchase through June 30th. (while supplies last)

Morganville Combo – Free Potting
Purchase any pot along with plants to go in it and we will pot it for FREE using our all natural Premium Potting Mix (sales items may be exempt)

Did You Know?
We have been growing and selling plants in Morganville for over 50 years.

We use a growing soil enriched with natural organisms to help your plants grow better.

We have a Pollinator Garden at the Flower Farm.

We grow a vegetable test garden to help us recommend the best plants for you to grow in your garden.

What People Say

The staff is extremely knowledgable
and helpful.

They will help you plan any project you are working on. Highly recommended!

Harvey Bird Jr.

Visiting Morganville is always a delight
for all of the senses.

We travel from Toms River to Morganville Flower Farm a number of times each year. Most of our plants are from there. Harry and his crew are welcoming and they are passionate about plants

Mike Redpath

I love this Flower Farm!

Shop local! This truly is a breath of fresh air.

Joan Wysocki

Been going there for years 90% of
my flower beds.

I have alot is from Morganville Flower farm, beautiful stuff.

Lisa Tomasichio McGovern