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New This Year

  • Super Dwarf Patio Tomatoes – Unique flavors to grow in pots
  • Very Hot Peppers – Scorpion, Carolina Reaper, Mad Hatter
  • Easy Roses – Beautiful and easy to care for
  • Humming Bird Flowers – Collect them all. Look for the red pot.
  • Megabloom Vinca – Largest Blooms ever. Deer Resistant
  • Rockin Double Raspberry – Repeat raspberries all season
  • Pugster Butterfly Bushes – Small plants – Big blooms, deer resistant
  • Cotton – Grow your own cotton plants!
  • Plus 50 more new and unique plants!

We are proud growers of these products:

  • Burpee vegetable plants
  • David Allen Roses
  • Home Grown Gourmet vegetable plants
  • Mighty Mato grated tomato plants
  • Hort Couture flowers
  • Proven Winners plants
  • Star roses
  • Sunpatien impatiens
  • Wave petunias
  • Weeks roses

We proudly sell:

  • Black Gold Soils
  • Bloem Pots
  • Jack’s Fertilizers
  • Jolly Gardener soils
  • Miracle Gro soils

Morganville Flower Farm Test Garden 2019

The relatively dry Summer of 2019 provided us with one of our best gardens ever. Here are some of our most liked vegetables from this past Summer.


  • “Romano” was productive and delicious


  • “Silver King” White was very sweet


  • “Fanfare” is compact with great flavor.
  • “Sweeter Yet” & “Burpless” are great grown on
  • Can’t wait to grow the new “Green Light” cukes
  • “Lime Crisp” is the most unique cucumber we have ever carried. It has tremendous vigor and a unique color and flavor.


  • Burpee “Ambrosia” is very sweet
  • “Toasty” is easy to grow


  • “Yummy Mix” mini were sweet and productive
  • “Red Bell” was beautiful in the garden
  • “Thunderbolt” long was great on the grill
  • “Gypsy” was our best pepper. It never stopped producing


  • “Garden Leecher Zucchini” resisted disease and produced for a long period of time

Sweet Potato – very easy to grow

  • “Porto Rican Bunch” – doesn’t require much space
  • “Beauregard” – very productive and sweet


  • “Big Beef” was outstanding
  • Burpee “Fourth of July” is small but doesn’t stop producing fruit.
  • Burpee “Steakhouse” average over 1lb each all Summer
  • “Chef’s Choice Orange” is our best growing tomato was a great surprise as it was sweet and extremely prolific
  • “Sunsugar” – Our sweetest tomato – can’t mis with this orange cherry


  • “Minilove” is small (3-5lbs) and sweet.

Basil – We will be offering this basil all season due to its much-improved disease resistance

  • Proven Winners AmazelĀ® was great until frost.
  • The new “Rutgers Devotion” basil was close behind.

Vegetable Garden Flowers


  • “Cracker Joe” is tall and beautiful and bright orange

Mexican Sunflower (tithonia)

  • The best plant to support Monarch butterflies.
  • The bright orange blooms were covered with these butterflies in September when other flowers were finished.


  • The butterflies love any variety but “Benary Giant” is great for cut flowers

Agastache (Hyssop)

  • Great for bringing bees into your garden